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What Options Are Available In Dealing With the Remaining Frozen Embryos?

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No two families have a similar journey when it comes to getting kids. Some get kids. Naturally, others adopt, while others have to seek reproduction assistance to create their own family. Part of the entire IVF reproduction includes harvesting some eggs, fertilising them and freezing the embryos. The fertility clinics generally freeze embryos because in most cases, IVF has to be conducted several times before it is successful. Most couples do not think past the point where the process will have succeeded, and they will need to think of what to do with the remaining embryos. Here are the options which are available for you, and how each is carried out.


When your IVF process has been successful, you could decide to have the rest of your embryos stored at the clinic or in a cryopreservation centre. You will be required to pay an annual storage fee. This option is suitable for families who have not yet decided whether they are done having kids and might want to reconsider having another child in the future.

Compassionate transfer

The second option which is available is thawing the embryos and transferring them to you when you are least likely to get pregnant. Note that not all IVF clinics offer the option of compassionate transfers and when few which offer it charge a fee for the same. A gynaecologist will help with the transfer process. It is also important to note that you might need the help of a counsellor who specialises in this area.


Another option that you might want to consider is donating the embryos to couples who are having problems conceiving because of low sperm count or lack of viable eggs. If you are not sure about another family raising your embryo as their child, you could donate the embryos to research. There is still a lot that is not known about IVF and the human reproductive process, and donating to research will be advancing this knowledge.

Other available options include disposing of the embryos. You can only consider this option when you are sure that you have the size of family you need and that you will not want an additional child in the future. The crucial thing to note is that you will need the help of an experienced counsellor because none of these processes is easy. Your gynaecologist will also help you determine if it is time to start thinking about these options.