Preparing For Your First OBGYN Appointment

A Guide On The Work Of Gynaecologists

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Gynaecologists are a critical aspect of women’s health. These medical professionals deal with female reproductive and sexual health. The extract below discusses some of the conditions that should prompt you to seek the services of a gynaecologist.  Vaginal Infections Vaginal infections could range from itching, discharge, burning sensations when urinating or bleeding. If you happen to suffer from one of these symptoms, the gynaecologist will conduct tests to establish the condition you could be suffering from. Read More»

5 Important Things to Discuss With Your Gynecologist

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When it comes to reproductive and sexual health, it may be difficult to know what counts as normal and what is a sign of a potential health problem. The only way to know for sure is to make an appointment with a gynaecologist and discuss the symptoms or the conditions at hand. Even if you are embarrassed about some issues, your gynaecologist has probably heard it all and is there to help you with no judgement. Read More»

What Options Are Available In Dealing With the Remaining Frozen Embryos?

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No two families have a similar journey when it comes to getting kids. Some get kids. Naturally, others adopt, while others have to seek reproduction assistance to create their own family. Part of the entire IVF reproduction includes harvesting some eggs, fertilising them and freezing the embryos. The fertility clinics generally freeze embryos because in most cases, IVF has to be conducted several times before it is successful. Most couples do not think past the point where the process will have succeeded, and they will need to think of what to do with the remaining embryos. Read More»